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My friends at ND State Tourism came to visit!

I was lucky enough to have North Dakota State Tourism take me up on my offer to come and visit! Katie and I took them around Devils Lake for a couple of days, and WOW… did we have fun!

Flying around Devils Lake

We started off the morning with an aerial tour of Devils Lake (Thanks Rodger!!). Devils Lake from land and water is amazing itself, but to be able to see it from the air is something else. It almost looks like one of the great lakes it is so big.

Once we were safely back on land and I wiped the cheesy smile off my face we headed south towards Fort Totten. We took in Sullys Hill National Game Preserve (took in a little birding action), had a bet on who could spot the Bison first (nobody won but we did find them) and then headed on to the Fort Totten Historic Site. They recently finished the installation of their new visitor center and I wanted to show it off (I will have more on the historic site on my next post). By the end of this fast but great tour we were famished so off to the Spirit Lake Casino we went for the buffet (Thanks Connie!).

Birding at Sullys Hill (Katie, Tom Ibsen & Mike)

Checking out the new exhibit at Fort Totten Historic Site

Learning a little history at the Lake Region Heritage Center

Once done with the “all-you-can-eat” we headed back into town to check our guests into their rooms. We picked them up about a half hour later and headed downtown. I was lucky enough to catch Eunice and David just as they were leaving for the day at the Lake Region Heritage Center and they were nice enough to accommodate a tour. As stated by Heather, “The Lake Region Heritage Center is a gem – there’s a perfectly preserved federal courtroom, a U.S. marshall’s office complete with “holding cell,” a reassembled rural church, a barbershop, a dentist office, displays of Native American culture and much more.  When visiting “Lil’s room” be sure to ask about the ghost story!!” The end of the day was followed up by a little shopping downtown and dinner at the Cove.

Jason Mitchell & Kim Schmidt

The next morning the gang met at 8:00 am for a little fishing with Al Freidig and Jason Mitchell. We took two boats and went in two separate directions. I am sad to report that I was the only one to get skunked that day. But on the bright side, I live on this fabulous lake and can fish whenever I want!

Dean Ihla, Suzie Baisch, Kim Schmidt, Katie Mertens, Heather LaMoine & Mike Jensen

To my friends in Bismarck, thanks for visiting and I hope you come back soon!


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