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ShiverFest 2012

Sleigh rides on the ice.

Working on the upcoming ShiverFest event has put me in the mood for snow. Yes, I said the “s” word. Looking through the pictures from events past makes me reminice about all the events I took part in, or watched cheerfully – most of the time with a hot chocolate in my hand.

I think the favorite part of the whole weekend is the drawings at the end of the kid’s Ice Fishing Tournament. To watch them, all gloved and capped up, holding their tickets in their hands, just waiting with anticipation for their number to be drawn. As the numbers go by, the kids get closer and closer the window. Last year, the boy that won the ice fishing stater kit turned around to his dad and said, “can we go use it right now??!”

It’s also fun for me to watch the pond hockey tournament.

The drawings after the tournament.

The ages significantly vary but all play with such enthusiasm. You can usually find the teams between games warming up in the Cove.

Details are being finalized for this year’s ShiverFest and the committee is hoping to have some new experiences. Make sure to watch for the details to soon follow at http://www.devilslakend.com.


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